TLB Seed 9.29.16
Product Spotlight
  • Available from Clear Image Devices

    The Bucky Protector is an affordable way to protect your bucky faceplate from the scratches, dings and inevitable punctures that occur in a busy medical imaging facility. Simple to attach, this lightweight polycarbonate design is easy to clean, easy to remove and replace, and has no significant... Read More
  • Available from AUG MEDICAL

    Designed with enclosed fiber optic bundle has no cavities to trap dirt or body fluids thus allowing the blade to be easily cleaned. This contributes mostly to the elimination of cross-infection. FEATURES Enclosed fiber optic core with 4.5mm diameter 6500 fiber strands. High quality fibers... Read More
  • Available from Dealmed Medical Supplies LLC

    We carry a full line of supplies and equipment for all your medical surgical needs, competitive pricing and great service is part of the Dealmed brand. Free shipping is available on orders on over $100.00 Read More
Top Companies
  • Clear Image Devices is the #1 brand in medical imaging accessories. Designing and building high quality patient positioning devices for a variety of medical imaging applications is our specialty. We offer a full line of imaging products to bring patient centered care to a diverse range of... Read More
  • AUG® Medical is a supplier of high-quality fiber‑optic Laryngoscopes and Diagnostics. We are also a direct importer and distributor of medical equipment offered on USA territory. Our goal is to provide our customers with certified products of the highest quality at competitive prices. Read More
  • At Dealmed Medical Supplies we understand the importance of getting the brand name medical products at the prices you deserve. Our sales people are experts in the medical supply business and can assist you with anything that you may need. Read More