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  • Cottony™ ll Sutures

    Cottony™ II suture features a tight, uniform Deknatel® braid that provides resistance to breaking and kink-free suture delivery. Characteristics include Cottony™ II exhibits easy handling and secure knot tying. A “mechanical softening” process makes this suture feel as soft and smooth as... Read More
  • Bondek® Plus Sutures

    Enhanced softness and lubricity make Bondek® Plus an ideal choice for cosmetic and general surgery. Made of Polyglycolic acid (PGA) with a Polycaprolactone copolyglycolic acid coating. Characteristics: Bondek® Plus suture offers outstanding smoothness, lubricity, and knotability. The suture has... Read More
  • Deklene® ll Sutures

    Choose strong and smooth Deklene® suture for the most delicate of specialty procedures. Characteristics include Deklene® II suture provides outstanding handling, accurate knot placement, and knot security. The soft, supple suture material reduces memory and improves handling. Indications:... Read More
  • Force Fiber Fusion® Suture

    Fusion™ Suture is braided using a proprietary, continuous process that creates seamless transitions from round suture to flat braid and back to round suture. Don’t confuse Force Fiber Fusion™ Suture with look-alike products that are simply a flat segment “sewn” onto two round sutures. Fusion™... Read More
  • Force Fiber® OrthoTape® Braid

    Force Fiber® OrthoTape® Braid features a low profile and broad footprint. The braid, indicated for orthopedic procedures, is ideal for applications where tissue pull-through may be a concern. According to tests, OrthoTape® Braid is flatter than similar tapes on the market. In fact, its profile... Read More
  • Force Fiber® Suture

    NEW! BLACK Force Fiber® Suture Characteristics: • Proprietary coreless braid configuration, developed by Teleflex Medical OEM, enhances the suture’s performance and handling characteristics. It creates a pliable, easy-to-handle orthopedic suture that offers greater tensile strength than... Read More
  • Monodek® Sutures

    Monodek® is a strong and easy-to-handle suture that possesses outstanding resorption characteristics essential for delicate needs. Characteristics include smooth, secure suture with a low risk of wicking. Monodek® suture retains its initial wound healing tensile strength with 70% at two weeks,... Read More
  • Polydek® Sutures

    A light coating of PTFE gives this tightly-braided, polyester suture handling and knotting characteristics similar to silk. Characteristics: Polydek® exhibits easy handling, outstanding tensile strength, lubricity, and a reduced risk of wicking and tissue reactivity. Material: Polyester... Read More
  • Tevdek® Sutures

    A heavy PTFE coating and the proprietary Deknatel® braid provide minimum friction, allowing the suture to pass easily through most friable tissue. Coating: A heavy PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coating helps reduce the “dead space” in the braid rendering the suture material virtually insert,... Read More

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