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  • Face Mask With Eye Shield By Morrison Medical

    Morrison Medical's Face Mask with Eye Shield is a unique product that combines a disposable face mask and eye shield into a single, lightweight, easy to wear device. It features our non-FDA 3-ply disposable face mask that has a metal band sewn in for a better and more comfortable fit around the... Read More
  • FAST Sphyg By Koven Technology Inc

    You’ve never seen a sphyg like this before! The FAST Sphyg by Koven Technology is a completely new type of sphygmomanometer. Designed for user comfort, the FAST is a cuff inflator and sphyg in one! FAST Sphyg features a unique push button inflation which reduces hand a wrist strain, and user... Read More
  • FEATHER® and Premier Edge® Blades By Oasis Medical

    OASIS® carries a wide variety of high quality ophthalmic microsurgical knives from Feather and Premier Edge for use in cataract, refractive, retinal and glaucoma surgery. Feather redefines sharp and combines it with elegantly designed precision in their broad line of scalpels. Feather reusable... Read More
  • Finishing & Polishing Products By PureLife Dental

    Designed to finish and polish all types of resin restoratives. Revolutionary one-step micro-polishers that create a high glass-like luster finish on all restorations. Read More
  • First Aid Modules By Rescue Essentials

    RESCUE ESSENTIALS recognizes that many of our customers are professionals, and have assembled numerous jump kits and trauma bags over their careers. This series is designed for those who need to update their kits with the latest advances in supplies and treatment protocols. To that end we have... Read More
  • First Aid Supplies By Rescue Essentials

    Rescue Essentials offers a wide variety of first aid supplies. Whether you are a medical professional looking for a specialized TCCC compliant medical device or an outdoor enthusiast who needs a few items for a first aid kit, Rescue Essentials has you covered. Here are some of our first aid... Read More
  • Flex RX Shelving By Surplus Equipment Company /

    •Flex RX Shelving Features: •1" Slot spacing •7.25" Deep shelves •Shelf length 16", 32", 36", or 48" •Shelves install flat or 17º downslant •Full lip for repositioning shelves with merchandise •Open back system for better visibility Read More
  • Floor Mat Sensor Patient Monitoring Sets for Fall and Wandering Prevention By Personal Safety Corporation

    Secure® Floor Mat Sensor Patient Monitoring Sets are designed to detect unsafe bed and chair egress as well as unsafe wandering and floor/building elopement. Our floor mats are reversible, liquid-resistant, and antimicrobial. Wired and wireless floor mat sets are available. Read More
  • Foley Catheters By Dynarex Corporation

    Dynarex Foley Catheters are high quality, pliable silicone coated, 2 way catheters designed for superior performance and greater patient comfort. Perfect for patient care in hospitals and long term care facilities. Available in 5cc or 30cc and in a variety of catheter diameter sizes Sold by the... Read More
  • Force Fiber Fusion® Suture By Teleflex Medical OEM

    Fusion™ Suture is braided using a proprietary, continuous process that creates seamless transitions from round suture to flat braid and back to round suture. Don’t confuse Force Fiber Fusion™ Suture with look-alike products that are simply a flat segment “sewn” onto two round sutures. Fusion™... Read More
  • Force Fiber® OrthoTape® Braid By Teleflex Medical OEM

    Force Fiber® OrthoTape® Braid features a low profile and broad footprint. The braid, indicated for orthopedic procedures, is ideal for applications where tissue pull-through may be a concern. According to tests, OrthoTape® Braid is flatter than similar tapes on the market. In fact, its profile... Read More
  • Force Fiber® Suture By Teleflex Medical OEM

    NEW! BLACK Force Fiber® Suture Characteristics: • Proprietary coreless braid configuration, developed by Teleflex Medical OEM, enhances the suture’s performance and handling characteristics. It creates a pliable, easy-to-handle orthopedic suture that offers greater tensile strength than... Read More
  • Forceps By Phoenix Instruments Inc

    - Artery - Cystic Duct - Dissecting & Tissue Holding - Intestinal - Kidney - Micro Dulicate - Mosquito - Right Angle - Sponge and Dressing - Stomach - Suture Stay - Thoracic - Tissue - Tissue Grasping & Holding - Towel - Tube Occluding Read More
  • Freedom TENS By Medi-Stim Inc.

    Dual channel (4-lead) analog TENS Four treatment modes (Normal, Burst, Modulated Rate, Modulated Width) Treatment timer (15, 30, 60 minutes or Continuous) Hinged protective cap for intensity dials Extra large dials and knobs for easier use Push button mode and timer... Read More
  • Front Protection Lead Aprons By Infab Corporation

    Available in Smart Armor lead, lightweight composite, and Greenlite lead-free Comfortable shoulder pads Buckles in front Double welt pockets Standard configuration (2) layers in front panel providing .50mm Pb (95.6% direct beam attenuation at 80 kVp) Direct beam lead equivalency/attenuation... Read More
  • Full Protection Lead Aprons, Vest/Skirt By Infab Corporation

    Available in Smart Armor lead, lightweight composite, and Greenlite lead-free Full overlapping front panels for maximum protection Increased airflow Genuine VELCRO™ brand closures Comfortable shoulder pads Double welt pockets Belt and buckle closure on skirts Skirt hanging... Read More