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By Sunrise Medical

Whether it is a time-honored favorite such as the Jay® 2 or the advanced technology of the J-gel, Jay products stand the test of time thanks to the highest quality materials, patented designs, extensive engineering and rigorous testing. Jay is committed to building only the most superior support... Read more »

By Jedmed Instrument Co.

JEDMED Rhodium Mirrors Rhodium is a precious metal which when pleated can be used for optical instruments. It is exceptionally hard, hightly reflective, and extremely durable. The JEDMED Rhodium Mirrors are unsurpassed in their reflectivity, clarity, and brightness. In addition, they are front surface, distortion free... Read more »

By Jedmed Instrument Co.

JEDMED Sentry Cart The JEDMED Sentry Cart is ideal for hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, or private practice. All instruments and diagnostic equipment is securely and safely stored in lockable storage drawers. Features: Lockable drawers using electronic keypad controls Otoscopy set Atomizers and powder... Read more »

By Jedmed Instrument Co.

JEDMED Spectrum Treatment Cabinet JEDMED Spectrum CSC Treatment Cabinet is designed and engineered with your daily routine in mind. From our innovative, stylish design to our ultra-modern low voltage control system, the Spectrum workstations will continue to provide reliable service for many years to come. With the NEW... Read more »