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  • Safety Syringe By Dealmed Medical Supplies LLC

    BD Syringe 1cc Safety-lok 25 gauge x 5/8" is a 1 mL BD Safety-Lok tuberculin syringe with 25 G x 5/8 in. permanently attached needle, regular bevel and regular wall. The only safety-engineered syringe of its type to offer clear visual confirmation of the lock position. Read More
  • Saf-T-Vac Smoke and Fluid Evacuator By Surgiform Technology, Ltd

    An electrosurgical smoke evacuation solution with no capital investment! The Saf-T-Vac® is a novel disposable surgical smoke evacuator that provides safe and efficient suction of harmful electrosurgical byproducts before they become airborne. The Saf-T-Vac® works well with your faculty’s... Read More
  • SAM Medical Products By Rescue Essentials

    SAM Medical Products is a developer and manufacturer of innovative medical products used for emergency, military, and hospital care. Products include the widely used SAM Splint, SAM Pelvic Sling, Soft Shell Splint, CELOX line of hemostatic agents, and Blist-O-Ban blister prevention bandages.... Read More
  • SaniZide Plus® Spray By SAFETEC OF AMERICA Inc

    SaniZide Plus® Surface Disinfectant Spray is a convenient, fast-acting, multi-purpose, broad-spectrum disinfectant/ deodorizer for environmental surfaces. Our alcohol free formulation is a non-corrosive, EPA registered, quaternary ammonium compound. Effective Against: H1N1, MRSA, HIV-1, TB,... Read More
  • SaniZIde Plus® Wipes By SAFETEC OF AMERICA Inc

    SaniZide Plus® Germicidal Wipes are pre-saturated hard surface wipes that kill viruses such as MRSA, TB, VRE, and E. Coli in 10 minutes and HIV-1 in 2 minutes. The towelettes leave behind virtually no lint or particles to scratch or contaminate surfaces. Our dual quat, alcohol free formula is... Read More
  • SaniZide Pro® Spray By SAFETEC OF AMERICA Inc

    Safetec now offers a hospital-grade surface disinfectant that’s much faster than Sanizide Plus®. It is an alcohol-based, ready-to-use, multi-purpose broad spectrum disinfectant/deodorizer for hard and soft surfaces. This latest formulation is non-corrosive and fragrance free. SaniZide Pro® is a... Read More
  • SaniZide Pro® Wipes By SAFETEC OF AMERICA Inc

    Safetec now offers a hospital-grade surface disinfectant (a pandemic and infection control product) that’s much faster than Sanizide Plus®. It is an alcohol-based, ready-to-use, multi-purpose broad spectrum disinfectant/ deodorizer for hard and soft surfaces. This latest formulation is... Read More
  • SC-3008T By Bio Compression Systems Inc.

    The Model SC-3008-T Sequential Circulator is a gradient, sequential, pneumatic compression device with a one hour internal treatment timer, which automatically begins at the start of your treatment with the pump/controller shutting off once the one hour treatment time has been reached. The... Read More
  • Scissors By Phoenix Instruments Inc

    - Cardio Thoracic, Perpheral Vascular, Micro Vascular - Cartilage - Dura - Eye - General Operating & Dissecting - Micro - Nasal - Neuro - Plastic Surgery - Stitch - Super Cut Razor Edge - Super Cut Razor Edge with Golden Screw - Super Cut Serrated with Golden Screw - Suture Carrying - Tenotomy -... Read More
  • Secure® Bedside Safety Floor Mats By Personal Safety Corporation

    Secure® Bedside Safety Fall Protection Mats are placed on the floor along the side of a fall risk patient/resident bed in a nursing home, hospital, or home. Our industry-leading line of fall protection crash mats are made from high-impact foam designed to act as a floor cushion to help prevent... Read More
  • Secure® Code Fall Alarm Monitor - Patient Monitoring Sets with Bed, Chair or Seat Belt Sensor By Personal Safety Corporation

    The Code Fall Alarm Monitor (Model No. SCA-1) is ideal for residents requiring the most tamper-resistant fall alarm monitor. This fall alarm monitor can be connected to nurse call system to eliminate in-room fall monitor sound. Pair the Code Fall Alarm Monitor with any of our fall management... Read More
  • Secure® Gait Belts By Personal Safety Corporation

    View our complete line of high-quality gait belts for safer patient transfer and walking. Read More
  • Secure® Hip Protectors for Fall Injury Prevention By Personal Safety Corporation

    One of the most serious fall injuries is a broken hip. It is hard to recover from a hip fracture and afterward many people are not able to live on their own. As the U.S. population gets older, the number of hip fractures is likely to go up. Secure® Hip Protectors have been biomechanically tested... Read More
  • Secure® Magnet & Pull-Pin Fall Alarm Monitors By Personal Safety Corporation

    Our Magnet & Pull-Pin Fall Alarm Monitors are designed to detect bed/chair egress at its earliest stage as soon as the resident is attempting to leave their bed or chair. These personal fall alarm monitors for the elderly are ideal for the resident who requires constant fall risk monitoring,... Read More
  • Secure® Non-Slip Shower Shoes for Fall Prevention By Personal Safety Corporation

    Secure® Slip-Resistant Shower Shoes feature heavy duty grooved soles that have been independently tested & proven to resist slipping on wet surfaces. Soft, comfortable nylon mesh uppers. Latex-free. Read More
  • Secure® SUA-120 Fall Alarm Monitor - Patient Monitoring Sets with Bed, Chair or Seat Belt Sensor By Personal Safety Corporation

    The Secure® 120 dB Fall Management Alarm Monitor (Model No. SUA-120) is ideal for use in rooms farthest from the nurse’s station. Effectively monitor fall-risk residents, patients, and loved ones. This advanced fall alarm monitor features multiple dB level settings, alarm tone settings, low... Read More
  • Secure® Ultra-Soft Hospital Tread Socks By Personal Safety Corporation

    Secure® Non-Skid Socks for Fall Management have an all-around dual tread non-skid pattern to assist in preventing patient and resident falls. Ultra-soft 80% cotton, 18% nylon & 2% Spandex. One Size Fits Most. 17-inch length. Latex Free. Machine Washable. Read More
  • Secure® Universal Fall Alarm Monitor - Patient Monitoring Sets with Bed, Chair or Seat Belt Sensor By Personal Safety Corporation

    The Universal Fall Management Alarm Monitor (Model No. SUA-1) is ideal for detecting bed & chair egress at earliest stage. Pair the Universal Fall Monitor with any of our fall management sensor pads or seat belt sensors. Read More
  • Secure® Wheelchair Positioning Cushions By Personal Safety Corporation

    Available wheelchair positioning cushions include Gel Seat Cushion, Pommel Cushion, Wedge Cushion, Seat Rigidizer Support, Lap Cushion, Armrest Cushion. Read More
  • Secure® Wireless Patient Monitoring System By Personal Safety Corporation

    The patented Secure® Wireless Patient Monitoring System takes falls management alarm monitors to the next level by eliminating tripping hazards, removing the fall alarm monitor sound from the patient room, and employing the most advanced, continuous 2.4G patented bidirectional wireless... Read More
  • Secure-A-Scope™ Storage System By MASS Medical Storage

    MASS™ Medical Secure-A-Scope™ Storage systems not only organize your scopes, they protect them as well. The revolutionary new design is the new standard for scope storage. Specially designed for the length of endoscopes and colonoscopes, cushioned scope storage racks and padded back walls help... Read More
  • SecureSleeves™ Skin Protection Arm Sleeves By Personal Safety Corporation

    SecureSleeves Skin Protection Arm Sleeves are designed to protect sensitive skin from tears and abrasions with our unique blend of Chitosan rayon, nylon, cotton & Spandex. Antimicrobial, latex-free & machine washable. Read More
  • Securis Cannulated Screw System By Custom Spine Inc

    The specially designed Securis screw system allows the screw to be fully seated in the bone while maintaining full polyaxial motion of the screw head. This design creates a stronger bone fixation with a reduced risk of screw loosening providing patients with a stronger construct for fusion.... Read More
  • Single Use Surgical Instruments By TOOLMEDIX Surgical Instruments

    Reduce the possibility of cross infection and contamination while saving time and money on washing and sterilization. All of our single-use instruments are manufactured to the same dimensions and weight as re-use instruments, resulting in excellent functionality. After arriving from... Read More
  • Smartdop 45 Vascular Ultrasound Doppler By Koven Technology Inc

    Fully customizable - choose only the options & accessories that meet the specific needs of your facility Convenient hand-held size includes features found in larger, more costly systems Real-time waveform LCD 30 waveform memory storage - save waveforms & pressures to view or print later... Read More
  • Smartdop XT Vascular Testing System By Koven Technology Inc

    Complete vascular testing system with both Doppler and automatic testing capabilities 14 inflation ports allow you to rapidly perform bilateral multiple level arterial studies Easy to read reports can be billed in-house - no need to send out for interpretation or wait for... Read More
  • Smartdop® 30EX Vascular Ultrasound Doppler By Koven Technology Inc

    Doppler Features •Built-in automatic cuff inflator - automatically calculates ABI and TBI results and performs PV arterial (PVR) studies •Fully customizable - choose only the options & accessories that meet the specific needs of your facility •Includes features previously found in larger,... Read More
  • SmartStack® Nestable I.V. Stand By ALCO Sales & Service Co.

    Features: • Specially designed pole base is 100% cast aluminum, providing extra stand support and durability • Unique patented design will stack neatly with other bases of its kind, allowing for extra storage space, a more organized facility and easy transportation of multiple stands all at... Read More

    CORNEAL COMFORT & PROTECTION Provides ocular surface protection following surgery, injection and traumatic or non-traumatic corneal conditions. Available in Quick Shield, 12 hour, 24 hour, and 72 hour dissolution times. Diameter: 14.05mm Compound base curve: 9mm PRODUCT FEATURES • Comfort of a... Read More
  • Sore No More Natural Pain Relieving Gel By The Pressure Positive Co.

    Sore No More is a fast-acting natural pain-relieving gel that begins to work immediately once massaged onto affected areas. Our special blend of six natural plant extracts in combination with menthol, capsaicin and witch hazel will get rid of pain the natural way with its unique heating and... Read More
  • Standard Miller Blades By Dealmed Medical Supplies LLC

    Single-use disposable blades that offer the performance of reusables, while presenting the opportunity to substantially reduce the potential for infection associated with reusable devices. Read More
  • Steril-Aire Germicidal UVC Emitters (TM) By Steril-Aire, Inc.

    Steril-Aire is the global leader in high-output ultraviolet germicidal solutions for HVAC systems. Steril-Aire UVC for HVAC™ keeps your building and bottom line healthy by providing lower utility and water bills, reduced maintenance and chemical use, prolonged HVAC equipment life and improved... Read More
  • Sterile Suture Removal Kit By Dealmed Medical Supplies LLC

    Suture Removal Kit #4521 Includes: 1 Littauer Scissors 1 Gauze Sponge 1 Metal Forceps, 4" Disposable sterile kits offer convenience and extra protection against cross infection Plastic tray provides sterile field Removable Tyvek lid Read More
  • SteriLink® Supply Chain Visibility By STERIS Corporation

    The SteriLink interactive online service provides complete, real-time visibility into STERIS Isomedix processing facilities. The SteriLink service is designed to shorten time between manufacturing and distribution by allowing you to: - Monitor your inventory, 24/7 - Send and receive alerts -... Read More
  • Sterilizers By BeliMed, Inc.

    We’ve made it easy for you and your facility to choose the right solution for your needs and budget. Our sterilization equipment offers industry-leading space efficiency with integrated service areas for a reduced footprint. State-of-the-art fully stainless steel construction allows for clean... Read More
  • Stethoscopes By Dynarex Corporation

    Sleek, durable and lightweight High quality, non-chill anodized chest piece 22" latex-free PVC flexible tubing with adjustable binaural One of many advantages to the dual head chestpiece is to enable the auscultation of a wide range of frequencies Dual head ideal for both adult and pediatric... Read More
  • Stimpad Pro Neurostimulation Electrodes By Medi-Stim Inc.

    Our StimPad Pro Electrodes are made with a patented conductive carbon film that offers a higher conductivity and current dispersion than plain carbon film, and a long-lasting Tyco® polymer gel. These are available in either medical-grade foam or pressed fiber cloth top. They also have a more... Read More
  • Straight Line Treatment Table with Shelving Unit By Medical Device Depot, Inc.

    The Clinton 3030 Alpha Series Straight Line Treatment Table is a durable medical exam table with a load capacity of 450 lbs. For added style and easy maintenance the frame is welded, made of steel and powder coated gray. The strong frame construction provides stability, while the 2" firm foam... Read More
  • SurePeel By MDC Engineering, Inc.

    The SurePeel automated seal strength tester is a critical tool for your quality control program. The SurePeel is motorized and utilizes a force transducer to measure the strength of a seal based on ASTM standards. The system is ideal for measuring seal strength of flexible and rigid material... Read More
  • SureVac By MDC Engineering, Inc.

    The SureVac™ allows a user to test a sealed package in a water-filled vacuum chamber to a preset vacuum level for a specific amount of time. Air bubbles are an indication of a leak. An immediate seal failure is indicated by a “burst” of the package in the water. Read More
  • Surgical Gown - Level 4 By Modern Noble International, LLC

    We manufacture disposable medical apparel in Istanbul,Turkey. We are one of the very few suppliers with a FDA, CE, EN, and ISO standards, certifications, and test reports from Europe. We follow strict European guidelines and quality controls. Read More
  • Surgical Instruments By Medical Device Depot, Inc.

    These chrome-plated circumcision clamps are designed to permit a single physician to perform circumcision quickly and usually without the need for sutures. Designed for fast interchange of plates and studs for different glans diameters. Read More
  • Surgical Procedure Kits By TOOLMEDIX Surgical Instruments

    Kits are available in standard configurations or customized to fit your unique needs. Standard surgical procedure sets use sterile single use O.R. grade instruments. We are proud to offer Aquilon brand instruments in all our prepackaged and sterile procedure sets. Our standard kits range from... Read More
  • Surgical Scissors By Xelpov Surgical

    Xelpov Surgical’s Scissors are the perfect piece of art from the finest steel in your capable hands. The best plastic surgery instruments for super surgeons. Our vast assortment of scissors includes Ultra Fine Dissecting Scissors, SuperCut scissors, Ceramic Cut Scissors, Scissors with Tungsten... Read More