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    Ethicon Suture: We carry nearly 65,000 line items from all manufacturers.
  • Surgical Specialties Corporation

    Surgical Specialties Corp. has been a trusted OEM partner for more than 40 years, offering experience in precision contract manufacturing and surgical needle and blade design and assembly, as well as chemical etching and custom grinding technology.
  • AD Surgical

    As the prices of surgical products continue to skyrocket, surgeons are looking for more cost effective solutions without compromising quality. AD Surgical was established in 2000 by medical professionals who understand the challenges and needs of today's practicing surgeons. Our mission is to...
  • Dealmed Medical Supplies LLC

    Dealmed is a leader in medical supplies distribution. We provide medical supplies, medical equipment, drugs, vaccines, and specialty medical products and services. Our mission is simple: We make it our business to understand how the products we sell impact patients’ lives everyday. At Dealmed...
  • Teleflex Medical OEM

    Force Fiber Fusion® Suture: Fusion™ Suture is braided using a proprietary, continuous process that creates seamless transitions from round suture to flat braid and back to round suture. Don’t confuse Force Fiber Fusion™ Suture with look-alike products that are simply a flat segment “sewn” onto two round sutures. Fusion™...
  • Antarma LLC

  • Visionary Medical Supplies, Inc.

  • S. Jackson, Inc.

  • Rumex International Co.

  • Theragenics Corporation