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Talosys Cold Chain Monitoring System

Talosys Cold Chain Monitoring System

Available from Talosys

The Talosys Cold chain monitoring system wirelessly monitors the temperature of vaccines and medicines in storage or during transport. The range of temperature that this system can track is from -200 degrees Celsius to +162 degrees Celsius and makes it suitable for the COVID-19 vaccines. The low... Read More

Artemis: Software upgrade for use with XPERT systems

Artemis: Software upgrade for use with XPERT systems

Available from KUB Technologies Inc

The Artemis software upgrade option for XPERT systems gives users the unprecedented ability to view excised tissue and stereotactic cores with digital mammography quality imaging. This new software feature works with an algorithm designed to synthesize the ability of the human eye to locate... Read More



Available from AM Health Products

Qcciniaherb nutritional supplement is a 100% natural extract from Coccinia Indica and it is to achieve the optimal effect with vitamin D3 in combination. These active substances are scientifically known that blood glucose is lowered and thus the metabolism of diabetic patients' health is... Read More

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Jedmed Instrument Co.

All of the Employee-Owners of JEDMED want to thank you for your considering our company in your purchasing decision. Since 1978, JEDMED has been committed to providing the absolute highest level of products, services, and customer support possible. As a 100% Employee-Owned company, all... Read More

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