Effect of ischemic pressure using a Backnobber II

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The purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of ischemic pressure on myofascial trigger point (MTrP) sensitivity. Design: Randomized, controlled study with the researcher assessing MTrP sensitivity blinded to the intervention. Participants: Twenty-eight people with two MTrPs in the upper back musculature. Intervention: The sensitivity of two MTrPs in the upper back was assessed with a JTECH algometer. One of the two MTrPs was randomly selected for treatment with a Backnobber II, while the other served as a control. Outcome measures: Pre- and post-test pressureepain thresholds of the MTrPs Results: There was a significant difference between the pre- and post-test sensitivities of the treated and non-treated MTrPs (pZ0.04). Conclusions: The results of this study confirm that a protocol of six repetitions of 30-s ischemic compression with the Backnobber II rendered every other day for a week was effective in reducing MTrP irritability. ª 2010 Elsevier Ltd.All rights reserved.

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