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Clear Image Devices is the #1 brand in medical imaging accessories. Designing and building high quality patient positioning devices for a variety of medical imaging applications is our specialty. We offer a full line of imaging products to bring patient centered care to a diverse range of individuals. Our pediatric imaging solutions are designed to help reduce exposure to radiation by decreasing the reasons for having to do re-takes. Our weight bearing products allow people of all sizes to get the diagnostic images they need. Orthopedic clinics, sports injury specialists, hospitals, ultrasound clinics and emergency care centers are utilizing our equipment. We can help professionals capture the right diagnostic images the first time while providing your patients the comfort and stability they require regardless of age or size.

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Radiographic imaging is in high demand, putting more and more pressure on radiologic technologists to get better images faster. We offer a full line of radiology positioning solutions, and are able to design and manufacture custom equipment quickly to meet your needs. Read more »

By Clear Image Devices

Sonographers require special consideration when selecting ultrasound imaging equipment for deep vascular thrombosis and peripheral arterial ultrasound Doppler exams. Ultrasound ergonomics is not just a health consideration, but also a financial consideration, as poor ultrasound positioning has... Read more »

By Clear Image Devices

DR Panels and CR Cassettes are often damaged when used for weight-bearing imaging procedures with patients applying standing weight directly to the detector surface. In addition, CR or DR detectors can skid or slip on smooth floor surfaces, causing patients to lose balance. These problems are... Read more »

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