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About SHARPSfree

A NEW, innovative, simple solution for used syringe disposal that completely extracts the needle from the plastic syringe for more safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly disposal.

The SHARPS free SMS-100 helps reduce the chance of accidental needle-stick injuries by providing a more safe and effective way to dispose of used syringes. The SMS-100 is an “automated” syringe management system designed for use by both professional healthcare providers as well as individuals who are self injecting medicines in the home to treat illnesses such as diabetes.

The SMS-100 automatically extracts the needle completely from the syringe and deposits the needle in a “needle cartridge” for safe disposal. The needle cartridge is designed to hold up to 300 needles. When full, the needle cartridge will self-lock upon ejection from the system, and thus cannot be over-filled.

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