Carolina Biological Supply Company

2700 York Rd
Burlington, NC 27215

About Carolina Biological Supply Company

We began as a vision of what science supplier could be, and 90 years later, we still embody that future-focused visionary perspective. At Carolina, we are constantly striving to improve and innovate to be the best we can be, always aiming for excellence in everything that we do.

Since the time we were founded by Dr. Thomas E. Powell Jr., a young geology and biology professor at Elon College, we have prioritized people, and because of the dynamic people behind our company, we have been able to enjoy a successful tenure as a leading science supplier in the 90 years since we were established. With over 37 different departments, each employee plays a key role in our success. If you happened to tour our facilities, you would likely be fascinated by all the amazing things you’d see happening here.

Carolina is an extraordinary company. From technical science expertise to business and leadership acumen, we are fortunate to have a broad range of strengths. Many of our employees also have a background in education, which we draw upon to create effective products and learning tools that get results.

We do our own field collection, grow many of our own cultures, prepare specimens for classroom study, and develop/test many of our new products right here. We work in partnership with educators and scientists outside of Carolina to make sure we have a substantial, diverse offering.

In addition to serving schools, our products have also been used by the scientific and health communities. We have a 24-hour order hotline for a special program to supply medicinal leeches to doctors and hospitals. Carolina has also supplied NASA scientists with various products for their important work.

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