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Before the patient can get the best treatment, both the patient and skilled clinician needs to know the precise cause of it. A noted pain specialist and former assistant professor of neurosurgery at world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital and School of Medicine was determined to provide better... Read more »

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With so many possible causes of pain, pinpointing it to provide fast and enduring relief for a patient, an employee injured on or off the job, a chronic care condition or simply getting a second opinion can often be a frustratingly protracted, costly process…until now Before the patient can get... Read more »

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Apart from migraine, there are 104 different medical causes for headaches and 60 different types of headaches have been classified. Adding to this there is an ever-changing nomenclature associated with diagnosing and treating headaches. Proper diagnosis is the ultimate predictive analytical... Read more »

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For patients mistakenly called “Sprain or Strain” or CRPS (RSD), these tests provide the right pointers to diagnosis of: Nerve Entrapments, Radiculopathies, Facet Syndromes, Damaged Discs, Instability, Post-Concussion Syndrome, RSD/CRPS, and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. There are 212 questions and... Read more »

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